Study in Summer with the Best

We are offering to a limited number of students a unique opportunity to study in Prague with the best US free-market professors. Advanced summer courses will be devoted to the study of philosophy, politics, and economics.

We encourage students interested in liberty scholarship to join  the following summer courses of our international PPE MA Program.

Peter Boettke (George Mason University): Economics and Politics of Institutions  
July 28 - August 6, 2017

Study in sumer  with the best!






Michael Munger (Duke University): Philosophy and Economics of Individual and Social Choice    
August 14 – 19, 2017

Study with the Best - Michael Munger

David Schmidtz (University of Arizona)/Mark LeBar (Florida State University): Selected Issues in Political Philosophy
July 17-21, August 7-11, 2017

David Schmidtz Mark LeBar Study with the best in Prague

Come and enjoy face to face not only leading professors but also a company of 20 graduate students from 15 countries!

The number of summer students accepted to each course is limited to 5. 
Each course comprises of ten 80-minute-lectures (typically one per day) and following debates.

Price per course:  EUR 300

Who is eligible?

Any university student or a person with university education and a strong interest in philosophy, politics, and economics.

How to apply?

Send a short CV which includes a demonstration of your interest in philosophy, politics, and economics (courses taken, books read, etc.) to PPE MA Program Director Josef Šíma (

Make sure you also know about our two unique international  programs: