Přijímací řízení

  • Admission procedure has the form of a motivation interview with an admission commission. The aim of the interview is not to review applicant’s empirical knowledge, but to reveal applicant’s interest and his/her broad survey of the both disciplines.

  • The admission commission consists of the chair and two members, who are internal teachers of CEVRO Institut

  • The interview is focused on framework knowledge and rests on core themes available here.

  • Results of particular rounds of entrance examination are published on the web-sites of the CEVRO Institut on the following day. Applicants can find results under identification numbers that each applicant receives during the admission procedure.

  • Each applicant will receive a written notification about the result from the rector.

  • Each applicant has right to apply for revision of the decision about non-admission. This application must be submitted to the rector no later than 30 days after an applicant received the decision.
  • Before an applicant is invited to the entrance exam, he/she is obliged to submit an application, verified copy of his/her high school diploma and a document certifying paying the administrative fee of 500 CZK.

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