Den otevřených dveří

Are you interested in what CEVRO Institut is like? Are you considering studying at our college? Do you want to talk to your future teachers? Or do you wish to see the reconstructed premises of the college?

If it is so, you are invited to open-doors days.

During the open-doors days you will meet representatives of the college management, who will provide you with key information about study programs, content and form of study, organization of academic year, graduate opportunities etc. The representatives as well as workers of the study department will answer all your questions regarding your studies at CEVRO Institut. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to take a view of the CEVRO Institut lecture rooms, seminar rooms, computer lab, library and other facilities that CEVRO Institut has at disposal.

For more information interested persons are advised to contact the study department of CEVRO Institut.


tel.: +420 221 506 706, +420 221 506 707
fax.: +420 221 506 709