Frequent Questions

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Question: Great program! Where can I find an application form?

Answer: An easy-to-use e-Application Form will be made available here by mid-February when we open the application procedure for next academic year.

Question: What shall I mention in my motivation letter?

Answer: We want to know who you are.  So explain to us your reasons for applying for a particular program, tell us about you, your study or work and your achievements, specify your plans for the fugure. If you apply for a scholaship, explain to us why should it be you to receive it, let us understand your successes or your  financial situation, so that we can evaluate all aspects of your personality and your situation.

Question: What I would like to find out is details about scholarships, how does one apply, who is eligible, are there any other financing options?

Answer: Here is a list of scholarship we have available at the moment. (There are some more to come.) We do not have any special scholarship application form. We evaluate individually each applicant. Simply, add a section in your motivation letter and explain to us in detail why we should consider you for an existing scholarship or why we should  - in your case - consider tuition fee reduction.