PPE - Program Structure

Term I

Course ECTS
Social Research and Scientific Methods 8
Economics 6
Political Economy of the EU 6
Law and Economics of Property Rights 6


Term II

Course ECTS
Individual and Collective Decisions 6
Economics and Politics of Institutional Change 6
Great Thinkers in Political and Economic Thought 6
Money, Banking, and the Financial System 6


Term III

Course ECTS
Philosophy and Economics of Individual and Social Choice 6
Economics and Politics of Institutions 6
Selected Issues in Political Philosophy 6
Workshop in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics 6


Elective courses 
(students take 5 of them)

Course ECTS
Christian-jewish Roots of European Civilization 6
Behavioral Policy Making 6
Economic Analysis of Tort Law 6
Contract law and Economics  
Competition Law and Economics  
Law and Finance  
Entrepreneurship and the Firm 6
An Introduction to Behavioral Sciences  
Experimental Methods in Behavioral Economics 6
Business Cycle Theories 6
Central-European Political Thinking 6
Economic and Political Systems of Transititon 6
Transition and International Relations 6
Advanced Topics in Austrian Price Theory 6
The Euro-American Relations in Past, Present and Future  6
International Politics and Diplomacy 6
Conflicts Regions in the Current World  6
...and more  


To successfully complete the master's program, students have to collect 120 European credits (ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), equivalent of 60 US credits, in the following structure: 90 credits from obligatory courses (and final exam)  and 30 credits from elective courses.